As said previously, your training would depend on what your goals are, how much time you can spend in the gym and what your other priorities are.

Your schedule can be vastly different from mine. Your schedule can even be different from week to week due to the circumstances in life.

Just take note of the following when building your schedule:

  • Cardio = helps in fat loss
  • Lifting = for muscle building
  • Mobility = to increase movement quality
  • MetCon = to challenge yourself

If you’re trying to gain muscle/build a sexy figure (more lifting, less cardio), or if you’re trying to lose fat/weight (less lifting, more cardio). I did not say to eliminate a particular kind of training but only to prioritize one from another depending on your goals.

Guidelines in making a good schedule:

  1. Come to the gym at least 3 times a week;
  2. Weightlift at least twice a week; recommended – 4 times a week or more; not recommended – none at all;
  3. Metabolic Conditioning at least once a week;
  4. Cardio and/or Circuit (Cross-training) and/or Boxing – any time you want
  5. Mobility – any time you want

Note: But with reduced frequency of training days come slower rate of progress. So, keep that in mind when deciding on how many days you train per week and what to include.

30 Day Plan Ideal Schedule

This guide is written as what is an ideal schedule: 4 Lifting Days (all with aerobics) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. 1 MetCon day with cardio on Wednesday. 2 rest days on Saturday & Sunday.

Sample Schedules for Different Priorities

Cardio Prioritization/Weight Loss

Cardio only

Weightlifting Prioritization/Muscle Gain

Endurance Prioritization

No Time