Lifting, Running, MetCons & Mobility?!? That’s a lot!

“I thought you said I can see results with just 30-45 minutes just working out 3 days a week of workout?”

Yes, you are absolutely right. What I’ve listed can be excessive for those just trying to lose weight, but for those who want to be the best version of themselves, then this would be ideal.

“What if I don’t like running, or lifting, or metcons, or mobility or any of these combinations?”

Then don’t do them. In the end, it’s all about your goals and how we can achieve it with the easiest and simplest methods available at our disposal.

Nutrition AloneLose or Gain Weight depending on calorie intake
Lifting AloneTo be muscular and strong
Cardio AloneTo have good endurance
MobilityTo be able to move freely without pain and restrictions
Nutrition + LiftingLook good and sexy
Nutrition + CardioBe healthy and be lean (Low Bodyfat)
Lifting + MobilityImprove movement quality
Lifting + CardioBe a good athlete, but does not necessarily have a body of one.
Nutrition + Lifting + CardioTo look great naked, be lean and be healthy
Nutrition + Lifting + Cardio + MobilityTo be the best version of yourself and be the pinnacle of what a human body can do.

What your priorities are and how much time and effort you want to put in.

If you just really want to lose weight, then nutrition + cardio can be enough. If you want to look good and sexy, then nutrition + lifting can be enough.

But I’m going to be writing this guide as someone who has committed himself/herself to fitness and thus you’ll see lifting workouts, running programs, and metcons sessions written.

Pick your goals, design your schedule and stick with it.